educational service / workshop

Ilustration workshop — who watches the clouds, sees faces

mini circuito

11 Nov



3 eur (children) / 4 eur (adult)

sala multiusos

Inspired by French artist Nicolas Gourault’s piece “Faces in the mist”, this illustration workshop proposes the use of collage as a technique to exercise our gaze and imagination, and start from randomly found shapes to create faces – human or animal, of monsters and even imaginary beings. The work “Faces in the mist” challenges a facial recognition technology, whose memory has previously been filled with historical characters involved in geoengineering, to recognize faces in cloud images. The way this technology responds to the challenge resembles a very human process: that of making sense out of chaos through creativity and science.

carlo giovani


target audience
children 3 years old and up, accompanied by an adult

Created using Figma