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órbita: rian treanor & elías merino

present melting smile

19 Apr



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Órbita programme is designed exclusively for the online format. Newly commissioned works gravitate around it and bridges are established with the offline programme, focusing on the domains of music, art, and technology.

#16 – rian treanor & elías merino

Melting Smile is the new work by Rian Treanor and Elías Merino. Based on a series of site-specific audiovisual recordings from unconventional locations in the English cities of Sheffield and Huddersfield, and developed partly from an artist residency at gnration, this work explores the intersection between extreme generative synthesis and oblique pattern deformation. It connects different streams of sonic objects in an elastic time, creating new interconnected structures and unitary forms, forcing dynamic contrasts between density, tonality, and (non)repetition.
Rian Treanor is a British sound artist. He has released records on Planet Mu, The Death of Rave, and Arcola, a sub-label of Warp. Using the programming language Max/MSP, he develops software to explore extended rhythmic techniques and algorithmic processes, building devices he uses in collaborations, workshops, performances and installations.
Elías Merino is a Spanish composer, sound artist and researcher. His practice includes installation, composition and live performance. His work drifts between computer music and contemporary experimental electronics.

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