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órbita: jogo cruzado — ana carvalho + xexa / ben lamar gay + sophie clements

4 Jul



free admission



Órbita programme is designed exclusively for the online format. Around it, new commissioned works gravitate and new bridges with the offline programme get established, focusing on the domains of music, art and technology.

Gnration, Canal180 and Culturgest came together to create Jogo Cruzado, a discipline invented to get to a place by leaving two opposite points. From the platforms of television and online, original audiovisual works made in artistic sequence are shown; a short film by a visual artist will be given to a musician to make its soundtrack and, at the same time, a musical composition will be given to a filmmaker to create its film. All images and music are original and will be premiered in these works. In the third volume, Ana Carvalho will make a film from a musical composition by Xexa and Ben LaMar Gay will music a film by Sophie Clements.

work #1 — film by ana carvalho to soundtrack by xexa.
work #2 — soundtrack by ben lamar gay to film by sophie clements.

Created using Figma