pluris ensemble

presents autorretratos Musicais: três estudos introspectivos

30 Jun



5 eur



Founded in 2022, Pluris Ensemble is an artistic laboratory with an interdisciplinary vision of art, centered around the musical domain. Based in the city of Braga, the artistic platform proposes a perspective of music as a living organism, subject to changes caused by the socio-cultural variations of the times. In their practice, they seek to explore music in an eclectic and transversal way, from the conception and structure to the presentation and connection with the public. Composed of several musicians with classical training and with artistic direction by Pedro Oliveira and Joaquim Pereira, Pluris Ensemble never performs in the same way. The members adapt and change for every musical challenge they are presented with.
The ensemble is working on two distinct pieces. The first, Uma reflexão musical do tempo, is a reflective proposal around Olivier Messiaen’s 1944 work, The Quartet for the End of Time. The second is Autorretratos Musicais: três estudos introspectivos, which they present live at gnration. This project is a conceptual artistic exploration that proposes, through a reflexive process of collaborative creation, to unravel the self-representative potential of music. From this intimate journey between five musicians, two instrumentalists and three composers, three new compositions that reflect the process of musical self-representation emerge and are presented here before the public, seeking to provide a new concert experience.

Autorretratos Musicais: três estudos introspectivos is supported by the Programa de Apoio a Projetos da Direção-Geral das Artes.

josé diogo martins composition
francisco fontes composition
pedro lima composition
joaquim pereira violin
pedro oliveira violin


Created using Figma