radiografia # 2 – joão carlos pinto

presents ad hominem

13 May



5 eur



In response to the appearance of various young composers in Braga in recent years and anticipating the city’s artistic future, gnration presents Radiography, a perspective on the most interesting new composers. Anchored in the vast field of contemporary music, the works of the different authors point towards several coordinates, from operatic to acousmatic music, and various types of interpretation, from solos to large-scale ensembles.

João Carlos Pinto graduated from Conservatório Gulbenkian of Braga and the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. He is Young Associate Composer – Teatro Nacional S. Carlos, Companhia Nacional de Bailado. In the second Radiografia, the musician and composer from Braga presents Ad Hominem. This piece, presented as a motivational performance, simulates a completely connected organism. On stage, a human performer is connected to all their digital ‘I’s (sound, light and video) through movement sensors, attached to their body. The narrative of the piece evolves stochastically, pre-composed materials manipulated in real-time by both the human on stage and an artificial intelligence (AI) oracle. The entire work was a co-creation between João Carlos Pinto and a series of artificial neural networks (ANNs).

warning this show contains nudity and language that some viewers may find inappropriate. It also uses strobe lights and a smoke machine. This is a work of fiction, any real or similar names of real-life people, facts or situations are purely coincidental and are used for comic and parody purposes only.

Photo by Marianne Harlé.

Created using Figma