radiografia #3 – josé diogo martins

presents pod

17 Jun



5 eur



In response to the appearance of various young composers in Braga in recent years and anticipating the city’s artistic future, gnration presents Radiography, a perspective on the most interesting new composers. Anchored in the vast field of contemporary music, the works of the different authors point towards several coordinates, from operatic to acousmatic music, and various types of interpretation, from solos to large-scale ensembles.

José Diogo Martins is a pianist and improviser living in Braga. He collaborates with artists like Pedro Melo Alves, Lumina, Miguel Rodrigues, Mané Fernandes and Emmy Curl, and is also a guest soloist with the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos. In the third Radiografia, the pianist premieres Pod, a solo proposal that portrays a metamorphosis of Points, the musician’s first solo, which debuted in 2021. If Points was characterised by the raw exploration of the relationship of the performer and creator with the piano, starting from abstract points that naturally resonate with the instrument, Pod adds an electronic component. This time, José Diogo Martins sets out on an expansive mission of his instrument’s resonance and turns to an internal acoustic response; a kind of capsule with rock-wool on the exterior and marble amplifying the interior in an attempt to hear the internal present full of memories that try to express something.

Created using Figma