steve gunn & david moore

steve gunn & david moore / tiago sousa

steve & david moore present reflections vol. 1: let the moon be a planet

23 Feb



12 eur



The paths of guitarist Steve Gunn and pianist David Moore intertwined for the first time in 2021. Both living in Brooklyn, they had been following each other’s work for several years without ever having crossed paths. But a meeting between these two acclaimed names in current music was inevitable. After releasing Other You (2021), Steve Gunn invited a number of artists to reinterpret his songs, including David Moore’s Bing & Ruth. From this first collaboration, the musicians began a series of remote improvisation sessions that culminated in the studio. Let the Moon Be a Planet came about almost naturally, without ever having the commitment to create an album. This work is an ode to experimentation and improvisation, in which Gunn and Moore establish an intimate dialogue.

Renowned guitarist and composer Steve Gunn is one of the most acclaimed musicians of his generation. He has released six albums under his own name, praised for the way he deconstructed the sounds and traditions of folk and Americana. With a background in piano, David Moore is the leader of the contemporary ensemble Bing & Ruth. The musician hit the headlines with his album Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (2014), referred to as one of the best ambient albums of all time. This success led him to sign with 4AD, where he released two more discs.

tiago sousa

On the same evening, composer, pianist and organist Tiago Sousa will present a concert for organ and piano. Articulating contemporary composition with minimalism, the Portuguese musician has been an active presence on the national scene since 2006. In addition to albums such as Oh Sweet Solitude (2020) or Ripples on the Surface (2022), Tiago Sousa has also explored the electric organ. In the Organic Music Tapes series, the third volume of which was recently presented at Casa da Música, the musician explores compositional techniques inaugurated by the American minimalism of Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

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