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alabaster deplume

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2 Mar



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Alabaster DePlume inhabits the territories formed by the intersection between improvisation, jazz and poetry. A pseudonym for the British Angus Fairbrain, the poet and saxophonist is celebrated as one of the most visionary artists of recent years and is recognised, alongside Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia and Ezra Collective, as one of the faces of “new London jazz”. His sound is a kaleidoscope of influences, including elements of jazz, Afrobeat, folk and electronica, characterised by the power of spoken word verses. Along with his saxophone skills, poetry is one of the highlights of his art, with verses full of socio-political commentary.
Born in Manchester, he discovered jazz through the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. After years of playing for others, he thought it was time to launch out on his own – or in this case as Alabaster DePlume. He headed to London where he joined the community at the Total Refreshment Centre, a key venue for the British capital’s scene that led to the emergence of Sons of Kemet, The Comet Is Coming and Rozi Plain. It was also in this creative hub that Angus brought together a group of musicians to record GOLD (2022). With names like Tom Skinner (Sons of Kemet, London Brew, The Smile), Matt Webb, James Howar, Conrad Singh, Tom Herbert (London Brew, Polar Bear) and Hannah Miller, Alabaster DePlume has created a phenomenal album with 19 songs of pure celebration of music. Come With Fierce Grace (2023), the saxophonist’s sixth disc, also emerged from these recording sessions. This work is not a sequel, but a true sister album to GOLD. Come With Fierce Grace is much more raw and exploratory, but also gentler than its predecessor. The rhythms are more pronounced and the immaculate dialogue between saxophone and percussion conveys a joy and pleasure that constantly reminds us of Angus Fairbrain’s mantra: “Don’t Forget You’re Precious”.

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