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circuito summer school

circuito summer school

circuito avançado

8 Jul

to 12 Jul

10:00 - 13:00 / 14:30 - 18:00 

25 eur

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No July is complete without the Circuito Summer School. The fourth edition of the Circuito Summer School offers a week entirely dedicated to creativity and experimentation. In this informal school, participants will have access to a series of workshops dedicated to the most diverse areas, from artificial intelligence to augmented reality, from sound to music and video games. Five days of full-time learning, collaborative creation and sharing.

8 jul · mon

let’s make concrete music!
by  inês luzio and beatriz rola 

 Around 70 years ago in Paris, Pierre Schaeffer created a new way of composing music: musique concrète (concrete music). Schaeffer and other composers who frequented the Club d’Essai, a studio/laboratory housed in French Radio-Television, listened to concrete sounds (i.e. the sounds that existed around them), recorded, manipulated, distorted and combined them in order to create new musical compositions. Everything was done by hand: they cut pieces of tape, glued them to pieces of other tapes, changed the order of playing, made them play faster. Today we can compose music like Pierre Schaeffer’s using just a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this workshop. We’ll be inspired by Schaeffer’s music to become modern composers of concrete music, using the sounds we hear around us today and the technology we have at our disposal.

9 jul · tue

collage with augmented reality
by monika reut

During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create works of art – collages with augmented reality. They will learn how to mix physical media (paper cut-outs, drawings, photographs) and video using augmented reality technology. No previous experience of augmented reality is necessary. We will use the free Artivive mobile phone application.

note: participants are encouraged to bring their mobile phone if they have one. each participant should bring old magazines with photographs or images that can be cut out

10 jul · wed

thinking light through image
by maria joão salgado

How much do you know about the formation of an image and the role of light in this process? In this workshop we will explore the construction of optical instruments that function as devices for creating images in real time. Through the application of a primordial technology, participants will be able to reflect on light and its essential role in the creation and manipulation of an image. The workshop also aims to reflect on the evolution of image technologies and the way we interact with, share and capture them.

note: participants should bring a smartphone

11 jul · thu

a creative adventure with artificial intelligence
by filipe lopes

In this workshop, a digital application will be created to link sound, image and the human body. Based on this application, some principles of artificial intelligence will be discussed and some work done in this area will be presented, as well as the dissemination and explanation of free and accessible tools that are available on the internet today.

material needed laptop

12 jul · fri

circuit bending
by inês castanheira

The circuit bending technique is an electronic art for implementing sound short-circuits in low-voltage devices and toys, with the aim of creating unique sound instruments, providing, through the unpredictability of the short-circuit, the invention of new musical behaviours and creative possibilities beyond the initial intentions of the devices.

material needed participants are advised to bring toys and battery-operated sound electronics that can be modified during the workshop

note no technical prerequisites or knowledge of electronics required
general ticket – access to all 5 workshops 25 eur
general ticket for two friends – access to 5 workshops for 2 people 30 eur
ticket per workshop 7 eur
target audience young people aged 12 and over
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Circuito is the Educational Service of Braga Media Arts and aims to make multiple connections between creation, Media Arts and the community. Here, new technologies are the driving force behind the production, knowledge and enjoyment of art. And the activities are designed for schools, families, children, teachers, seniors, communities, professionals, amateurs, artists and anyone else who wants to join in.
This Circuit is open to everyone. Find out more about it here.

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