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18 May



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Kode9’s audiovisual live show Escapology stems from his 2022 album of the same name. Escapology (2022) was the first piece of a larger sonic fiction project, Astro-Darien, released in 2023.
Astro-Darien is a fictional video game that deploys science fiction to critique colonial history, morphing pixelated images into dance sounds. Escapology’s narrative revolves around the meltdown of the UK, and an escape via spaceports in the north of Scotland to an orbital space habitat.
Kode9’s most ambitious work yet as a multidisciplinary artist, Escapology reconfigures tense atmospheres into slices of high-definition, asymmetric rhythms woven through thrilling sound design and vertiginous sonorities. On stage, the artist simultaneously performs music from the record and new material and manipulates visuals created by himself and frequent collaborators Lawrence Lek, Optigram, Plusminus Studio, Bianca Hic, and Mark Garlick.

Kode9 is a DJ/producer, artist and writer. A key figure in the British electronic scene, he is one of the founders of the dubstep movement, and in recent years has established himself as a multidisciplinary thinker and artist. He is the founder of the groundbreaking record label Hyperdub, which he set up in 2004. More recently, he founded the sub-label Flatlines to focus on audio essays and sonic fiction. He has recorded 5 albums, 2 with the late vocalist The Spaceape, Memories of Future (2006) and Black Sun (2010), and 3 solo albums: Nothing (2015), Escapology (2022) and Astro-Darien (2023).
He is the author of Sonic Warfare, published by MIT Press in 2010 and the co-editor of Sonic Faction (due out this year) and Unsound: Undead (2019), both for Urbanomic Press. He has produced numerous installations, including at the Tate Modern and the Barbican in London, UK.

the ticket also gives access to the escapology performance by dmstfctn + evita manji

performance included in the index 2024 – art and technology biennial programme

the index art and technology biennial is part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the april revolution



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