julho é de jazz: andré pizarro pepe

6 Jul



7 eur

pátio exterior


Starting out in rock and working your way up to jazz seems a rather atypical path for a musician. But that’s exactly the path that André Pizarro Pepe from Braga took. At the age of 14, Pizarro Pepe began to freely explore the electric bass through a wide variety of genres and styles. At university he came into contact with other instruments and joined the band Bruma, where he was co-composer. In 2018, the band released the album Histórias que nos contam, created under gnration’s Trabalho da Casa programme. A year later, Pepe returned to the same programme, this time as bassist on Ângela Polícia’s album Apùtece-me!
At the same time, his love of jazz and improvised music led him to embrace the double bass, an instrument that is now the mainstay of his musical activity. After studying at the Braga Jazz School, he travelled to Lisbon to continue his studies on the instrument: first at the Luiz Villas Boas Jazz School and now at the Escola Superior de Música (ESML).
With the double bass taking centre stage, André Pizarro Pepe releases Ecos, Vol. 1, his first album under his own name, in 2024. Flanked by Masha Soeiro on piano, Ivo Rodrigues on trumpet and Raúl Areias on drums, Pepe brings his debut album to Julho é de Jazz. In a commission from gnration, which will include the participation of two other guest musicians – João Viana on guitar and Rui Rodrigues on percussion – the bassist will showcase these themes that have been stored away waiting for the right moment to see the light of day.

Julho é de Jazz takes place at Theatro Circo and gnration, and 50 general passes are available, giving access to all seven shows and the two documentaries.

full programme

4 jul, 21:30 bica / costa / pernadas convidam lefebvre e santana · pátio exterior (gnration)
5 jul, 21:30 irreversible entanglements · palco principal (theatro circo)
6 jul, 18:00 andré pizarro pepe + convidados · pátio exterior (gnration)
6 jul, 21:30 john scofield/dave holland · palco principal (theatro circo)
11 jul, 21:30 marie krüttli trio · pátio exterior (gnration)
12 jul, 21:30 hedvig mollestad trio · pátio exterior (gnration)
13 jul, 21:30 amaro freitas trio · palco principal (theatro circo)

3 jul, 21:30 jazzé duarte” · pequeno auditório (theatro circo)
10 jul, 21:30cairo jazzman” · pequeno auditório (theatro circo)

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