loscil and lawrence english

loscil & lawrence english

present colours of air

17 Feb



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A 132-year-old pipe organ housed in the historic Old Musuem in Brisbane, Australia, is at the centre of the much-anticipated meeting between Lawrence English and loscil. After a conversation about the notion of “rich sources” as a forge for electronic music, the two musicians came together to combine the best of their talents.

Released in early 2023, Colours of Air is a palette of unique sounds. A set of recordings captured on the century-old organ were then processed and transformed, giving rise to eight majestic electroacoustic exercises. The timbre of the instrument and the spatial fluctuations of the tone in the room give the music a sacred feeling, like the light coming through the vaults and stained glass windows of a church. From the translucent miasma of “Yellow”, to the melancholic mirage of “Violet”, or the twilight sandstorm of “Magenta”, the tracks that make up Colours of Air – as the name suggests – reflect a specific tonality that forms the spectrum of the “colours of the air”.

lawrence english

Australian sound artist and composer Lawrence English is recognised for his work in the fields of experimental and ambient music. With a unique sensibility for constructing soundscapes, incorporating natural sounds and field recordings, English’s work challenges notions of perception and memory. With albums such as A Colour for Autumn (2009), Wilderness of Mirrors (2014) and Observation of Breath (2020) and collaborations with Tujiko Noriko & John Chantler and Merzbow, Lawrence English has stood out as one of the most innovative names in experimental music.


Loscil is the electronic and ambient music project of Canadian Scott Morgan. An acclaimed composer and multimedia artist, Morgan was part of the Multiplex collective and drummer for Destroyer. After his self-produced debut, the vast majority of his projects were released by the historic Kranky label. In addition to his solo work, Morgan has collaborated with names such as Rachel Grimes, Daniel Bejar, bvdub and electronic music master Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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