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meditative cohabitation, por studio above&below

emap perspective #1

26 Jan

to 27 Apr

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galeria zero


Developed by Studio Above&Below, Meditative Cohabitation is an audiovisual experience that imagines communication between species through advanced technologies in the cities of the future. Based on bioacoustic recordings and 3D scans of the Marais Wiels biotope, an ecosystem located in the heart of the Brussels cityscape, this immersive installation invites the public to meditate between the sounds of various species and a landscape that is formed by various screens. Using Game Engines, the programs used to develop most of the games we play, custom audio sensors and Artificial Intelligence technologies, this project aims to raise awareness of the need to recognise other species in our date creation process. Meditative Cohabitation seeks to create empathy for the beings with whom we share the planet and alert us to the need for the technologies of the future to have more than the forms of human life.

Studio Above&Below is a London-based art and technology studio founded by German Daria Jelonek and Briton Perry-James Sugden after graduating from the Royal College of Art. Combining digital art, data and XR, the duo’s work seeks to establish invisible connections between humans, machines and the environment. With projects developed on the basis of research, Studio Above&Below often works with scientists, technologists and communities to push the boundaries of digital media and look towards a future life. Over the last few years, the duo has created innovative works of art, using immersive technologies to make the invisible visible and give our environment a voice to express itself.

work created in 2023 from a residency at imal in brussels (belgium)




concept and design
studio above&below
studio above&below, imal
sound design
yau fan

european media art platform is a project co-funded by the european union




this piece is part of the emap perspective #1 exhibition 

support portuguese republic – culture / directorate-general for the arts. rtcp – network of portuguese theatres and cinemas

Created using Figma