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5 Jun



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Establishing bridges between cultural institutions and the university, gnration is hosting the end-of-school-year concert by the students of the Contemporary Music course of the Music degree programme at the University of Minho. After several editions in the Congregados Building, where the Music Department is located, and in the Medieval Hall of the Rectory of the same university, the presentation leaves the academic context for the first time and enters the spaces of the city of Braga. Under the guidance of Professor Pedro Junqueira Maia and the tutelage of Professor Ângelo Martingo, the show presents to the community the lessons learnt during this course, where the young instrumentalists come into contact with contemporary music repertoire, allowing them to approach new aesthetic and technical languages in an informed manner.
This concert thus explores the world of music of thought, invention and research, celebrating creativity through the exploration of new artistic expressions. Through direct contact with today’s musical composers, the young instrumentalists have access to different languages, opening doors to new creative possibilities and encouraging them to find their own artistic identity. In this way, the event is not merely a demonstration of musical particularities, but rather a tribute to musical creation, which questions scores in keeping with the sonic specificities of contemporary musical particularities.

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