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radiografia #4 — pedro lima

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3 Feb



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In response to the emergence of a number of young composers in Braga, and as a foretaste of the city’s artistic future, gnration presents Radiografia, an overview of Braga’s newest and most interesting composers. Anchored in the vast field of contemporary music, the works of the different authors point to different coordinates, from operatic to acousmatic music, and to different types of interpretation, from solos to large-scale ensembles.

pedro lima

Born in Braga, Pedro Lima is an outstanding Portuguese composer. He graduated from the Calouste Gulbenkian Conservatory of Music and, in 2017, enrolled in a Masters in Opera Making & Writing at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama. At the age of 21, he premiered his first piece for orchestra and a year later won the Portuguese Society of Authors Composition Prize. After a residency at Casa da Música in 2019, he wrote Talking About my Generation (2019), the piece that now gives its name to the composer’s debut album.

talking about my generation

Talking about my Generation is Pedro Lima’s debut album and brings together a set of works written over the last few years. This album is an artistic mediation on the identity traits of a generation in which conflicts, politics, the internet, memes, identity, life in the digital jungle and the (re)conquest of space have been structuring factors in defining the future.

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