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gnration has the right spaces for you and your company. Awarded the National Prize of Urban Rehabilitation in 2014, gnration has a privileged location in the city centre of Braga, with car parks and hotels less than 1 minute’s walk, the bus station is less than 3 minute’s walk, and the railway station is less than 10 minute’s walk.

Conferences, seminars, lectures, small and large group meetings, presentations, workshops, and gatherings are some of the events we can host. In addition to space rental, we also provide quality catering services, coffee breaks, specialised technical support, hostesses (welcome crew and room assistance), and photography, among others.

Among the companies, brands, and institutions that have chosen us are market benchmarks such as Ikea, Bosch, Mini, Exame, Fidelidade, Primavera, INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Balanças Marques, and Quercus.


For more information about external events, contact us by e-mail at info@gnration.pt

gnration reserves the right to admit events that are only coherent with its institutional logic

space rental

gnration provides its spaces for external events.


For more information, contact info@gnration.pt or by telephone (+351) 253 142 200.


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