ocupa #7: coletivo vandalismo

17 Dec



5 eur

sala multiusos

Coletivo Vandalismo is a project that emerges from the first collective experiences of improvisation between Pedro Abrantes and Valdemar Pereira. It all began with the desire to release the restlessness of mind and body, in a sonic matter, where multiple dichotomies are invited and captured. These take shape and metamorphose through the exploration of machines, voice, and instruments. Through a vast medium of approaches, a myriad of landscapes is formed, where rhythmic structures, emotional and physical agglutination, speech, and automatic vocalisation are present to create a constantly evolving organism.

age rating m/6
 partners auaufeiomau, município de braga, braga media arts
daily ticket 5 euros (the ticket also includes the concert by vessel + rakhi singh + pluris ensemble)
ticket for both days 7 euros

see full programme for ocupa #7

Created using Figma